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The future of dev recruiting is tech talent intelligence

Find only the right developers for your teams, blocking out all the market noise

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The tech talent crisis is yesterday’s story

But only if you know how to pitch the job.

Instead of posting online or searching portals, only send offers to developers who have already been evaluated for your company.

Bye bye LinkedIn

Our method also allows you to filter by desired salary, work mode and more.

The only profiles you see have passed psycho-aptitude and programming tests.

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Ready to hire?

Access a pool of skilled developers searching to take the next step in their career.

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Tailor-made tech talent for your team

We check

Our psycho-aptitude assessments indicate in which work environments devs are ideally suited for growth.

We know the devs

Coding exercises help us identify areas of strength in the code and target them in the role where they would have high impact.

Straight to the point

No more chitchat, you already know everything. Jump into a call and secure the next member of your team.

I much prefer this method: I see the profiles right away and immediately schedule a call

Stefano MiniDirector @ Active Powered

Stop wasting time writing job vacancies

Opening a position takes about a minute and you’ll receive a DevDeck straight to your email

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Your Question. Our Answers!

What is Deckx?

Deckx is a platform that helps companies scale their tech teams by providing access to a pool of developers ready to take the next step in their careers.

We believe in the power of diversity, so we accept developers of all levels and backgrounds.

After I open a position, do developers apply to the vacancy?

No, we’ll send you a link to access you DevDeck. You’ll then decide who you’d like to apply to, and offer them an interview.

Where is Deckx active?

We are currently operative in Italy and the United Kingdom.
Not from here? Get in touch with us anyway here.
Soon in France and Germany.

What is a DevCard?

DevCards are the new tech CVs that read talent based on skill rather than time. Not only does this help get to the point to what a developer knows exactly how to do with what, but it also cuts out all the information that could trigger subconscious biases, polluting your vision to find the right balance between tech skills and culture fit.

What is a DevDeck?

A DevDeck is a deck of DevCards: a tailored selection of profiles for you to choose from and to apply to. Every batch, we send a DevDeck per position opened with us straight to your email.

Usually we do not specify the salary, but make an offer during the process or at the end. Can I avoid it?

No, it is essential for us to know. Primarily, it is used to add DevCards that are in line with your budget. Secondly, adding it to the first contact is a sign of transparency: all devs deserve to know right away what opportunity they have ahead of them.