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Three free courses to put in your dev arsenal

Said and done: courses that really make a difference in your arsenal.

The selected courses are all in preparation for their certifications, but only the exam or the certificate itself is subject to a fee. Studying, taking note and then building something personal along with what you have learned is well… not bad.


Having an understanding of the basic concepts of Microsoft Azure is useful for delving into the technical opportunities of cloud services.

Suitable for systems, DevOps and cloud engineers.


The CISCO Networking Academy has a series of free courses of different levels ideal for approaching, deepening and rounding up your cybersecurity skills.


Conceived to be finished in 6 months, studying 10 hours a week, it is certainly one of the most complete courses for those who want to start delving into the UX world.

Coursera offers a 7-day free trial and has a monthly cost thereafter. Try to imagine a way to do it all for free and if you can’t, write to us and we’ll reveal it to you.

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