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A neat and tidy code (and one that works!) speaks louder than a thousand job positions or super titles on your CV. 

We propose 3 that are popular for our companies.
They are suitable for programmers with lots of experience, or those who want to interface with coding for the first time.

Replica flappy bird with python

Level: Simple

Super simple and perfect for beginners or those who want to explore a new area of programming. With this tutorial you can build a perfect flappy bird replica in no time.


Lead generating landing page

Level: Intermediate

A project that serves to demonstrate UX-UI skills. In addition to a clean and uncluttered interface, bring out all your creativity and designer’s eye. Aesthetic sense, such as color palette choice, is always held in high regard and is a great bonus for back-end programmers, as well as essential for front-ends.


Cryptocurrency exchange app

Level: advanced

Useful not only for demonstrating general skills in back-end and front-end, but also a good way to practice working with APIs. 

Here is a complete tutorial for creating an app with three screens: a dashboard, chat and twitter feed related to each cryptocurrency. We chose flutter as an example, but you can look for tutorials in C++, Kotlin, Swift, C#, Python…

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